What do you want to achieve? Are you aware of the vulnerabilities in your current
funding arrangement?

Non-profits find the most success where their funding plans are strategically diversified, with all sources integrated to create a coherent pattern of funding sources that work over a sustained period.

SFG takes your organization through an expansive exploratory process to generate a user-friendly strategic funding plan organized by your priorities and setting strategies to position you to expand, stabilize and enhance your programs. These strategies drive the choice of funding sources we will pursue for your organization, whether governmental, private or corporate.

We’re not just a grant writing service. We are a full service funding development firm with a comprehensive knowledge of grants and the acquisition process. Our extensive network of contacts and our comprehensive understanding of protocols allow us to provide the most complete support available anywhere for clients who need reliable funding to further their missions.

SFG understands that a strategic plan is only a snapshot of opportunities available that day. We will be there to provide timely, ongoing updates about new options opportunities and impending shifts in your funding paradigm so you can maintain a proactive approach in an ever-changing milieu.

Wherever you want to go, SFG can help your organization get there with a strategic funding plan.