Writing grants isn’t just about good technical writing.

It’s a highly competitive environment that depends on good lead time, current intelligence and experience with the process. Quality grant writing isn’t simple. If it were, everyone would do it. Most organizations need professional help to make the most of their grant opportunities. You’re experts at fulfilling your mission and delivering your specific services, not grant writing.

A good grant proposal or bid contract needs to cover all the bases and result in a well-designed, coherent document that matches your organizational abilities with the grantor’s goals. Our team of strategic funding professionals start with a working knowledge of a complex subject area, research it in depth, communicate with you for all the pertinent details, organize everything and put it all together in a competitive application that gets results.

SFG is experienced in writing grants and proposals in diverse areas, which include:

  • Housing
  • Criminal justice
  • Court programs
  • Child care
  • Child development
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Arts and culture
  • Environmental
  • Community development
  • Economic development
  • Rural development
  • Transportation
  • Governmental

We can provide different levels of assistance to accommodate your budget and individual needs. In some cases we can serve as a mentor to review and assist with internally generated proposals. Of course, many of our clients find delegating the entire process of planning, accessing and applying for grants to SFG’s dedicated experts to be the most effective and most efficient way to garner needed funding.

The services you choose are completely flexible, allowing you to get help only where you want it and where your budget allows. However you need us, SFG will help you put together a complete working package that gets noticed and gets you the funding you need.