Don’t win the grant but lose the money!

After receiving any grant, many rules and regulations come into play. If your group fails to meet all compliance standards, including properly setting up financial systems and adhering to a funding source’s budget requirements, you could face audit problems down the road and have to repay the money to the grantor.

Once funding is in place, SFG helps you make the most of grants opportunities through wise management and administration in compliance with the myriad of rules and requirements. We help with set-up of the grant and systems and remain available to answer your questions.

Working with your group and with the grant officer, we make sure nothing gets lost in translation – clients often consider us their “watch dogs.” In many cases, we serve as the designated liaison between a grant officer and group administrators. We can be as proactive as needed, but we’re also happy to stand back and let you handle it!

Deep involvement in every stage of the grant process gives us an unrivaled level of understanding and comprehension. We’ve succeeded in the environment for years and have assisted countless organizations manage their grants. We know when to anticipate changes, updates or the need for additional documentation from your group.

With SFG as your strategic funding partner, you’ll never be surprised by a missed document or misunderstood requirement.