In addition to our traditional services, Strategic Funding Group provides customized services to help individual networks, communities and organizations meet their goals.

Customized Grants Training

Get support custom-fit to match your organization and its specific needs. Groups that require guidance to empower themselves to achieve funding often seek the advice of SFG to help them acquire the skills and strategies to maximize their efforts. After assessing your goals and human resources, we’ll help you put together a package tailored to meet your group’s individual needs with training focused on research, proposal writing, grant administration, the strategic planning process or whatever combination of these elements is most relevant for your group.

Indirect Cost Plans

An Indirect cost plan is a vehicle for obtaining an approved indirect cost rate from the federal government. With an approved rate, a non profit is able to recoup increased administrative dollars from federal grant awards while simplifying financial reporting for the expenditures of these funds. The preparation of an indirect cost plan requires careful financial data collection and analysis that is then submitted to a cognizant federal agency for its review and action. SFG has the experience and expertise to help you complete this process and secure an approved indirect cost rate.