Three Decades of Strategic Advisory


Volunteers of America Michigan (VOAMI) is a local affiliate of the national, faith-based nonprofit organization Volunteers of America (VOA), which dedicates itself to helping people rebuild and better their lives. Much like the people they work to support, VOAMI relies heavily on the compassion and assistance of others to help deliver their message and services. To maximize this organization’s ability to serve others, VOAMI seeks outside funding from multiple sources including private foundations and government at all levels.

Alex Brodrick, President/CEO of VOAMI, was with Volunteers of America Kentucky when he first worked with Strategic Funding Group. Early efforts with Strategic Funding Group resulted in several successful employment and training grants in the 1980s. Alex reflects, “We had a need for funding to help with employment programs and we wanted to ensure that we were the ones who received that grant money for our communities.”


Alex had worked previously with Mike Kannensohn prior to the creation of Strategic Funding Group and knew he could rely on Mike’s skills and resources to secure the funding. “Having seen Mike in action, I knew he was the person to help us. He was very effective.” With Mike’s assistance, VOA was able to secure those grants and many others. Over the last three decades, many other VOA affiliates have used SFG for grant development assistance. In that time they have brought in tens of millions of dollars in grant resources.


Alex has been so impressed with these results and others that he contracted with Mike to assist VOAMI with all their strategic funding needs. “We had so much success winning the employment training grants and other funding that we felt we could use their continued assistance to gain additional funding,” said Alex. “Bringing that expertise into the fold was a no-brainer.” Strategic Funding Group has been an invaluable asset. They have provided guidance and advice for VOAMI’s funding efforts, including continued assistance with employment training programs through the Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program (HVRP) and the Supportive Services for Veterans’ Families (SSVF) initiatives. “Our partnership with SFG ensures we are receiving the highest level of expertise when it comes to what funding to pursue, what areas to try to grow and what steps to take. We couldn’t have done as much as we have without them. They have made a huge difference.”

“I’ve worked with SFG for over 30 years and trust them unequivocally to guide us in securing funding and pursuing initiatives that are to the benefit of those we serve and the community at large.”
— Alex Brodrick, President/CEO of VOAMI