Becoming Part of the Fabric of Pennyroyal


Ten years ago, Pennyroyal Center was on a quest to open a center to assist women with substance abuse issues. The comprehensive community provider of mental health, intellectual and developmental disability, substance abuse and primary care services didn’t have a lot of time to spend on grant writing. In the past, Pennyroyal had utilized independent grant writers who could write well, but weren’t specialists in this non-profit area. They lacked the experience and perspective to know what was going to get the grantors’ attention and illustrate that the center could do what was necessary. A fellow service provider suggested that Pennyroyal contact Strategic Funding Group for assistance.


To truly have an impact on the center, Pennyroyal needed higher levels of funding and they saw that SFG’s track record demonstrated they could provide a greater level of expertise and assistance. “When we first worked together, we were referred to them for specific grants we were interested in, specifically to assist with the women’s center,” says David Ptaszek, CEO of Pennyroyal. “Grant writing is tedious and has to really speak to a grantor and grab their attention to stand apart from the others. SFG has been working in the field a long time and understands the needs of the grantors, how to talk to them and what is applicable.” Ultimately the center received the grants they needed, and a relationship was formed. “We had a concept and the assistance of SFG helped bring it to a reality. SFG has been a part of our fabric ever since. When we first began with them, we told them we had an idea, asked them to explore the concept and flesh it out, and they did just that, with great results. More recently, they help us on a regular basis, keeping an eye out for grants that match our need for help in expanding our services.”


The center has found that with SFG’s assistance, they are able to land the funding they need without wasting time. “SFG is very responsive, and we feel like a valued client. They’re good at providing different options, which is a big help because there are so many opportunities to evaluate. They know people in granting agencies and have a lot of resources. If there are tools that aren’t useful to us, they can pick up on that and keep us from going down a blind alley. You hear about things that sound great, but ultimately don’t meet your needs and you can waste a lot of time on it. They are great at seeing that ahead of time. SFG understands us very well. They have a high level of recognition of what we do, what we need to accomplish and what we need to get there.”

“SFG is a valuable part of our management team at the Pennyroyal Center. They have enabled us to take advantage of a variety of services to create program expansion and development that we very likely would not have been able to do without their assistance. They have become part of the Pennyroyal family.”
— David Ptaszek, CEO of Pennyroyal