Strategic Funding Group (SFG) is a full service grant and funding consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Lexington, Kentucky. After 23 years of helping clients, we are very proud of the many projects that you can see and touch and feel that are a direct result of SFG’s assistance. Our pride is not so much about the dollars, but about the programs that stem from the funding. Programs that didn’t exist, but that are now real and making a difference in the real world. Programs that we helped to get going.

We serve a large variety of clients, non-profit organizations of every type imaginable from school systems, housing authorities, private developers to government agencies…everyone who needs help visualizing, finding and securing funding to achieve their goals.
SFG may be best known for our work in the housing arena. With a national reputation for helping provide housing for homeless veterans, particularly with Volunteers of America, we are responsible for the creation of 50 different programs to help them secure assistance with basic needs like employment and housing.

As a member of many national coalitions that give us access to intelligence, we are able to provide clients with the edge that makes them competitive in the race to secure funding. Finding the best way to expand and secure your programs is what drives us, for every client.
Whether your success depends on writing grants, making new contacts, careful administration to secure continued funding or crafting and implementing an entirely new stream of revenue, SFG has the expertise and the will to help. Whatever you want to go, we’d like to help you get there.